Views from The Six #UFX2016

Hey everyone!

Flobo here and I just came back from my first ever trip to Canada! It’s funny to think I’ve never been to Canada before, judging how many people cross that border every day and (perhaps culturally) there’s a large Caribbean community that lives out there.

I went there to attend the inaugural Uberflip Experience. I actually use Uberflip at my #dayjob, so it was the perfect environment to learn more about a program (SaaS) I actually love and use! Here’s some pics from my time in the Great White North!


Perhaps I should have ordered my coffee “U.S. Sized”


Obligatory Airline Wing Shot.


In a lot of ways, Toronto reminds me of New York City a bit. An “old city” jockeying with newer development. I kept referring to Toronto has an “Earth-2 NYC.”


I’m sure that’s going to be a condo in a couple of years, so I took the pic now with the intent to compare.


Breakfast time at a place called “Flo’s Cafe.” A greasy spoon with a name after my own heart. Sunrise in the city!


The Uberflip Experience was fascinating. The whole shebang happened at Victoria University at the grounds of the University of Toronto.


The reason I booked my ticket was the chance to meet/network with Uberflip’s Hana Abaza. That didn’t happen, but she did offer content insights that I can take home to the #dayjob


The cafeteria area looked a lot like Hogwarts. You know, if Hogwarts had a dash of pink. #Oldschoolwindows


You better follow those traffic rules or else!


You know you’re at a conference when you even give the Fitbit a workout!

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