From Human to Human: Thinking Beyond B2B and B2C Marketing

What can I say, I love Uberflip!

It’s an application I used fairly heavily at my last position and I’ve come to love it’s functionality and it’s commitment to accurately recording metrics in the content experience space.

Heck, I even went to their conference last year!

That’s why I was honored to be chosen to write an article for their blog just last week. I’ve included a snippet below but you can check out the article in it’s entirety here.


From Human to Human: Thinking Beyond B2B and B2C Marketing


Conventional wisdom about B2B marketing presumed it was a separate category from B2C efforts. We are seeing more and more that just isn’t the case. Earlier this year I worked as a content strategist for a test and measurement equipment procurement company. I was tasked with positioning this B2B company as a leader in its respective industry. In marketing, terms like “thought leader” and “innovator” get tossed around a lot, but one of my goals was to leverage these brand personality traits to change our prospects’ perception regarding our current, stodgy image. READ ON

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