Walking That #GumRoad

Hello everyone!

Before my comic Silverstreek was available on Comixology, it appeared on a site called Gumroad. The site allows you to upload digital goods (or facilitate sales of physical goods) on their website. Using their clean interface, customers can easily access and purchase your content.

It worked well for me.

So when Gumroad e-mailed creators about joining their “Small Product Lab,” I jumped at the chance. Small Product Lab is a challenge for creators to make a new product on Gumroad in ten days or less. The arrangement helps Gumroad spike their number of offerings, but a real community grows between creators as they embark on their ten day journey. It allows you to focus on things you’re good at, and not let the things you’re not good at weigh you down.

So with only ten days, I quickly realized that creating another comic was out of the question. Enter, “How To Be A Better MC”


I hadn’t realized it at the time, but I’ve done a lot in the live event space. I’ve ran panel discussions at Comic-Conventions, I’ve ring announced for professional wrestling and I’m making my way as a professional comedian. I don’t have all the answers, but I felt as if I can share the answers I do have with others. You know, to help other “Masters of Ceremonies.”

What happened was I condensed the “basic” knowledge of the craft into a 25 minute audio recording and uploaded it to Gumroad (and by extension, the world wide web). Like many of my projects, I don’t expect to make a dime. However, the creative “beast” that lives within all of us that pushes us to make things seems oddly satisfied. Oddly satisfied because the project wasn’t even on my radar until I had started.

Do me a favor, and check it out if you have a moment. After you do, let me know what you think.



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