Silverstreek Comic

The Story Of Silverstreek

Silver Age meets the Digital Age.

Silver Age meets the Digital Age.


SILVERSTREEK was a character that I’ve had in my head for the better part of a decade. I wanted to create a ‘fun’ superhero comic book as a response to the needlessly ‘dark,’ conflicted heroes of the modern age.  For the record, I love “M Rated” comics as much as the next guy but I realized the gap between “family” books and mature titles  was widening by the day.

Eli St. Rose and SILVERSTREEK came to me during a long jog through Los Angeles one day that went through a couple of disparate neighborhoods. There was the rolling hills of the residential areas as well as the towering buildings of the commercial districts. Los Angeles wasn’t so much as a city as it was an archipelago of suburbs, strung together by the flashbulbs of celebrity worship and the optimism of it being the epicenter of the American Dream. I needed my idea of a hero to reflect that.

At the time of his conception, I was unable to secure an artist. The idea for a comic then became a novel. When I was unhappy with the first draft of the manuscript, I (rather stupidly) trashed it. Trust me, that still hurts as 1) You should never throw away ideas and 2) I picked a wrong time to write a novel draft by hand. In any event, the novel turned into a short story (Which is available for purchase)

The short story was fine for a time, but after a while there was the itch to make Eli St. Rose a comic once again. This time, I bootstrapped the funds to hire an artist with the goal of not stopping production until SILVERSTREEK was completed.  On January 3, 2015 the SILVERSTREEK: One Shot was born!

Still smooth sailing

Still smooth sailing. Art by Joe DeSantos.

The saying “nothing is ever finished but rather abandoned” seemed fitting.

When the first print run arrived on my doorstep, it was surreal to see my imagination in physical form. While the mind’s eye fantasizes of some major comic publisher incorporating my character into their superhero canon, I would be just as happy if a handful of people picked up an issue at the local comic book store. The one thing I learned from all of this is that pays to TAKE ACTION. The world is full of people who have ideas in their heads. Do yourself the favor and make your idea tangible.

As for me, I know I won’t see SILVERSTREEK teaming up with Superman anytime soon (though it would be cool). For now, I take pride in the fact that I’ve given back to a medium that has given so much to me.

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    • Hey!

      Thanks for coming out and thanks for the kind words about Silverstreek! Signed copies are available at the comic shop for sale or you can hit the link above for a digital copy!


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