Happy Comedy Anniversary


On August 10, 2014 I took the stage for the first time as a comedian.

To say it was a rush would be an understatement.

 (For the record, I  was nervous BEFORE they called me on stage but was actually calm when I got on. I tried emulating the greats that paced the stage, but the stage was so small I looked like a wreck)

Truth be told, the moment changed my life. Being on stage and being able to share stories and experiences with people is a thrill. Sure, over the course of the year I had my share of growing pains. I’ve dealt with “bringer shows,” sudden rescheduling, having appearances bumped, flooding my friend’s collective news feeds with my event info, and having not-so-stellar performances, but I’m still doing it.

There’s something very empowering about how simple stand up comedy is. Someone with a microphone tells jokes. There doesn’t have to be pyro (but there is), you don’t have to know music (but performances have their own “music theory) and you don’t need a backing band (but even the greats do them). There’s something really “old school cool” about the comedy profession.

Okay, enough waxing poetic. That night rocked and I’m thrilled to see what Year Two brings!



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