Of all the things in my life I had the honor of accomplishing, I never thought I’d add acting to the list.

Okay, that part is only semi-true. When I was a kid, I thought for sure I wanted to be an actor so I could end up being a Power Ranger on the hit TV show. But when that ship sailed, I thought it was curtains for me.

So imagine my surprise when some 20 some odd years later a posting to star in a commercial for Major League Baseball came across my desk. I’m a baseball fan sure, but I’d never thought I would try my hand at actual acting. Well sure enough, one submitted self-tape and a script later, I get to be the face of Major League Baseball’s MLBPlay App effort.

See the add HERE from iSpotTV https://ispot.tv/a/1gd_

So much fun. I’d personally never where my cap backwards but hey, that’s showbiz! Haha

Have you seen me on ESPN, TBS, or the MLB.TV app? Let me know!

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