It’s a crazy thing when you’re a professional in the wedding industry. Every one from huge companies to your cousin who “takes photos on the side” has an opinion about the challenges this line of work brings.

Those who know my story know that DJing was something I did on the side until my corporate job told me “good luck” in November of 2017. The first year is ALWAYS the hardest for a small business and well, 2020 was a whole ‘nother level, but ever so often you get that validation bump.

Thanks to the folks at XO, inc,. (The conglomerate that owns The Knot, WeddingWire and The Bash), I’ve been voted a four time “Couple’s Choice” DJ under their WeddingWire brand.

And just for clarification, the award takes data from the year before. So 2021 in this case takes data from 2020. And there just weren’t enough weddings available to be booked on to qualify. But in either event, it’s a great story to tell. 🙂

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