Co-Hosting The Spotify Original Podcast, “Mack Mania”

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It felt like yesterday when my friend and colleague Evan T. Mack called me up. He was launching a podcast, dubbed “Mack Mania” and wanted me to be a part of the festivities. As a host of 7 or so podcasts in my own right, I figure what was one more?

Mack Mania is a little different. It is a direct production of The Ringer, a Spotify Studio. This was a professionally-produced show from a studio synonymous with audio entertainment. In other words, it was next level. Excitement gave way to pure elation to being on the project.

It’s a pop-culture podcast with a focus on the world of professional wrestling. Though it may seem kind of random for my DJ clients, it’s all live entertainment. My voice in now heard by thousands of people weekly in a space that’s quickly growing! Check out the Mack Mania podcast here:

Check out this snippet from a recent episode:

Here’s to great things!

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