It's Going to be Rough For Entertainers (For Hopefully Just a Bit)

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Hey everyone, Flobo here!

It’s been a while since I did an actual “blog.” I would say that this borders on irony, as I have been a pretty consistent blogger (or journal-er) since 2001. I’m typing this post from my couch, one week into the voluntary quarantine (and Day 1 of the California state mandated quarantine) due to COVID-19

You guys know the story, so I’ll spare you the details.

Stopping by my website you’ll know I do many things: I’m an award-winning DJ, stand up comedian, and digital television host. I wouldn’t trade that life for the world, but most (if not all) of these positions needs one thing: A crowd

Feeling the audience and reading what they want (whether during a comedy set or a dance set) is one of the thrills of what I do. With ordinances passed in recent days to minimize the number of crowds put in place, I am already seeing the effects that sort of thing has on me and other that do what I do.

I understand it is for our collective health and for the greater good. In fact, I’ll happily sit on my couch if it means more people are safe. Though, not being able to do what I love (and making a living from those activities) are, as the kids say, a major bummer.

I wish and hope for the best positive outcome for us all during this time. My heart breaks when I hear stories about how this pandemic is altering lives and families. I can’t do much (on the grand scale) but I sit here hoping for a chance to entertain again. An opportunity to put smiles on faces once more.

Be safe, everyone.


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