Returning to Flagler College for COMWeek

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Hey everyone!

Flobo here. I’m currently typing this post on a return flight from St. Augustine, FL. You see, my alma mater in Flagler College had asked me to not only perform comedy but also to lead a comedy workshop for current students! It was a part of the school’s #COMWeek, benefitting the Communications department. A lot of alums had returned to give presentations while mine was a bit more interactive.

The show was good, but the workshop was great! Some of the kids who came up with material on the spot went out and performed their hearts out. I was proud! I’ve been telling everyone that I’ve gotten a bit of the teaching bug.

I hadn’t been in the area since (perhaps coincidentally) I visited the “Oldest City in America” for St. Paddy’s day back in 2011. I assure you, being there this St. Paddy’s day weekend was a coincidence. All in all a good time! Check out some of the things I got myself into!

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