So I have a confession to make.

From A2ua

About two years ago, I made a promise to myself that I would update this blog fairly regularly. Why? Because the Internet is paved with blogs that have started strong and died off. I’ve been logging my exploits online since 2001, but that has been really in three categories.

2001-2002 – Writing for online Livejournal groups.

2003-2006 – Writing about my fish out of water collegiate exploits while balancing the task of being a resident advisor.

2009-Present – Chasing my dreams in show business/creative project ‘encourager’ guy.

I told myself weekly would a good posting clip. That alone as been hard. And yes, the many meme posts I make aren’t necessarily difficult (even though, they get the most views, likes, and shares). So every Monday I would make a brand new post.

And by the way, it’s way cool to say “Check out Flobito.com. New content every Monday.”

So far things have been good. I almost never actually write these things on Monday however, opting to use the scheduling feature. Now that brings me to today’s topic:

If you’re like me scheduling in advance and outsourcing things you just don’t have the time for is the way of the future.

Yeah, I’m sure you’ve read the 4-hour work week, but I’m going beyond that. Not to brag, but I am officially a Comedian/MobileDJ/Writer/Master of Ceremonies/Comic Book Publisher/Content Strategist/Brand Manager/Podcaster/Middle Distance Runner/Blogger. There’s no way anyone can do so many things equally all of the time. Those that say they do are obviously lying to you. Some days they only way I can make progress on anything is to either outsource or to schedule (time-shift). Take my October for example.


  • Wrote some jokes for comedy (on my own)
  • Instead of signing up for a regular 5K, I did a “virtual” one so I could run on my terms (time shift)
  • I scheduled my October blogs and recorded my podcast in advance (schedule, time-shift)
  • Got my finished comic book back from the artist and then the printer (outsource)

That left more time for me to do the things I love. While some would argue that you’re stretching yourself thin, I say that it is fine as long as you take the time to quality check the results you’ve outsourced and/or time-shifted. This does take time, but not as much as spinning all of the plates by yourself….while juggling….chainsaws.


Just a thought. How has time-shifting and outsourcing worked for you?


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