2015 In Review #Moviepilot #SDCC #Standup

From Coredinations.com
From Coredinations.com

2015 has come and gone. It was the roughest, toughest, most exhausting, difficult, beautiful, amazing, glorious year ever. I was looking through my photos for the year and I realized I’ve been through a lot. Though I battled unemployment for a long spell during the summer, a lot of great things happened that have been simply amazing.


I got the chance to achieve my dream of running a panel at both Stan Lee’s Comikaze and San Diego Comic Con


I got the chance to meet my favorite comic book artist, Shawn Martinbrough


I finally got my comic book SILVERSTREEK off the ground and also had the opportunity to have a full fledged comic book signing thanks to Villainous Lair Comics.


On the comedy front, not only did I get to perform in my own showcase in December called “All That You Deserve”

Who's that sexy guy second from the right?
Who’s that sexy guy second from the right?

I’ve brought jokes to San Diego Comic Con, wore a dress for a Breast Cancer awareness comedy show called Dress 4 Breats, and performed in my hometown of NYC at The Stand

Got to do standup for the first time in NYC
Got to do standup for the first time in NYC

As a digital brand manager, I finished up my work with FOX and brought the cultural event BritWeek to the forefront in the Los Angeles Area. Currently, I’m working with a test and measurement equipment rental company in SoCal.

With the help of Moviepilot, I had the chance to have some pretty cool experiences. For example I was included in the press junket for The Transporter Refueled.


Check out the VIDEO I was featured in!

And even though my last novel came out December 2014, the official marketing push was definitely  all up in 2015:



And storytelling, comedy and hustling all came to a head with the advent of “Ringside Comedy,” a monthly comedy show the features heavy hitter in stand up and a couple of first timers who know how to have a good time. #DeathToBringer shows, so we reinvented the Pro-Am!

Tickets please!
Tickets please!


It’s funny. While these things were happening, I never noticed these things were happening, you know? Almost on a daily basis I battle “failure,” or at least the feelings thereof. I guess I never took the time to look back down the hill to see how far I’ve come. I could only imagine the hills you all have climbed in your lives.

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