A Couple Of Shots Off The Top

Hello everyone! I’ve got some burning questions:


When was the last time you tried unplugging from the Internet and technology? Did you last longer than a weekend?

Why is there a Golf Channel but no paint drying network?

Is it just me or does it seem like everyone has a reality show these days? What’s worse, it seems all these shows have rabid followings!

I don’t do role playing games and fantasy football. Aren’t they same thing? Should I turn in my nerd card?

Why is it when somebody sneezes around me, I automatically think they are patient zero for an incurable disease?

I’m so glad that Captain Marvel/Shazam! is finally getting his due. But what about Mr. Terrific, Static Shock, Etrigan, and a John Stewart Green Lantern flick?

I’ve been so afraid of rejection that it hinders my writing. But when I actually get rejected I couldn’t care less. Why is that?

I sold my Xbox the other day and now I have the urge to play it for the first time in months. That’s just my luck.

I hate running. I only do it because I love eating more. Why can’t the human body run on no-cal food indefinitely?

I’m in love with money, but she’s seeing someone else.


Until next time

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