RetroPost: Summer’s Over!

My my, what a difference five years makes. This post was originally written in September 2009 when I had my blog-corner of the web over at Livejournal. Tried keeping both blogs active for a while before I moved everything over here. Without further ado.


Originally posted September 22, 2009


Happy Equinox, peoples!

Yes, September 22, 2009 marks the first day of fall, and frankly it’s time to switch gears. That is not to say I didn’t like the summer (actually quite the opposite), but it kind of ran its course. You know what I mean.

This summer was crazy. I got my butt in the director’s chair and made “No Pressure” a film that is frankly a labor of love. I think I caught the directing bug, I’m not so sure I’ll get the chance to do it again. I went home for a couple of weeks, and cared for little rats when my roommate was on his vacation. I got some some vacation time for myself in Las Vegas and I got to writing on my second volume of works.

Productive I guess.

Fall is where we get back to work in the whole film school thing. Which is good, because even though I’m all about lounging about and working on side projects, I was growing a bit of cabin fever with an itch to get back into the game a bit. At least do something for my Youtube page, as its been collecting dust over the past couple of months. Part of the reason is that I sold my camera to finance my short film, but I’ve been also trying to develop new ideas that would blow Flobo Chat out of the water.

Yeah I know, I know. That’s impossible to pull off. I’m sure.

I think I’m recharged and here’s hoping the battery can run all the way to Christmas. If not, I may have to head home to surprise the family for Thanksgiving. I don’t think I’ve ever done that since going abroad to school so it would be cool if I did. Then again, that’s when airline companies jack the rates to take advantage of out innate nature to be with our own.

Side rant over. Once again, Happy Equinox!

–Flobo of Hollywood

I can’t believe I actually called the blog, “Flobo of Hollywood.” What was I thinking?

By the way, this was the final product of No Pressure:




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