Summertime Goals

Summer is here!

Well, unofficially it is here…officially we have to wait a week or two. I got BIG PLANS for the summer, and I want to get a lot of them squared away. For example:


1) Finally finish that first draft of my next novel

2) Write down a treatment for my next screenplay

3) Actually win some money on a trip to Vegas. Or at least, make it to Vegas

4) Take a performance class. Now’s the time I think

5) Finish reading two books (to be named later)

6) Attend Comic-Con.. Maybe make some connections this time around. *crosses fingers* Maybe get a comic idea sold

7) See the Mets when they come in town to play the Dodgers. (LGM!)

8) Learn a cool party trick.


What can I say, I love lists… They hold me accountable!



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