Media Guilt

What’s up? Today, I want to talk about “Media Guilt.”


No, not the stuff when the local news tries to make you feel guilty about something. Rather, the self-imposed kind of guilt of not checking out a show/movie/book that’s in the zeitgeist. This is related to the more well-known “Netflix Guilt,” that is when you procrastinate watching something in your queue that has been sitting there.


Part peer pressure and part failure of time management, that Harry Potter sequel set in middle Earth featuring those morally ambiguous detectives seem to just fly past your radar. Your friends love it, your parents talk about it, and there’s even a couple of Buzzfeed posts about it, but for some reason you are out of the loop. I’m a comic book fan, but one of the more recent television shows I feel best represents this phenomena (to me, at least) is the CW show, “Arrow”

Which sort of looks like a logo for a fast food joint. "One Arrowburger, please!"
Which sort of looks like a logo for a fast food joint. “One Arrowburger, please!”

Comic book nerds, young adult drama lovers, and haters of the previous two groups alike have raved about this program starring plucky protagonist, Oliver Queen. Personally, I don’t feel this arrow is “my” Oliver Queen, but I usually keep this criticism to myself. After all, the show is put together really well. Alas, for some reason I just can’t bring myself to sit down and watch a sequence of episodes consistently. I would catch a clip here or there, or watch my significant other watch an episode, but my mind has already made up it’s mind that it has missed the bus.


Even in this day and age of perpetual timeshifting. Figures, right?

I guess because I am such a fan of comics, I am usually called out for my lack of enthusiasm about the show. This usually gets hit with the “friend rationale.” You know what I’m talking about. Your friend recommends a show you should watch by using vague terms and misleading rationale.

“You haven’t seen Breaking Bad? It’s sooooooooo good!”

“Mad Men? That’s definitely a show YOU would like.”

“Trust me, if you haven’t seen The Wire, you’re missing out!”

I almost feel that there has been some sort of pop culture convergence. You must watch “everything and all at once.” It almost feels like a homework assignment, which I’m sure defeats the purpose of entertainment. I swear in a few years time, we will all have apps that will tell us if a show/book/movie is worth our time.

“Sorry, I would love to watch ‘True Blacklist,’ but my app says no.”



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