I LOVE Writer’s Retreats

For the people who read my blog often (yeah, both of you) you’ll know how much I love writer, road trips, and getaways. But what happens when you COMBINE THEM?


It started with a writing partner. We would take two days (usually during the week because it was cheaper) and head out to an Indian Casino hotel to write. There would be diversions like the pool and fitness center when we needed them, and there would utter silence and clean accommodations when we didn’t. It started as a lark, but has become an important tool in my writing (especially long form) process.

There is something special about going to a place far away from the regular distractions of your home to place that’s different. You won’t get lazy in your favorite chair nor you wouldn’t  do chores you’ve been putting off because you want to put off writing even more. Plus since you are out of town, you’re not obligated to hang out with friends if you don’t want to.

"Hey, wanna hang out?" "I'm actually writing today." "Oh, so you're not busy. Pick you up at 8?" -Pic courtesy of itakejoy.com
“Hey, wanna hang out?”
“I’m actually writing today.”
“Oh, so you’re not busy. Pick you up at 8?”
-Pic courtesy of itakejoy.com

Recently, I took a Writer’s Retreat to wrap my head around my next novel (Called Project #Book5). Taking a couple of days off, I went to a business hotel some thirty miles from my home. It was close enough not to wear me out from traveling, but there was enough amenities (courtyard, on site dining, decent wi-fi) where I didn’t have to leave. There’s also something about putting “the money where the mouth is.” When you rent a space, I think that helps take writing out of “I’ll do it if I have a free hour or so” and it becomes “How much can I write today.” In my case, I felt my novel was progressing aimlessly. Characters were all over the place, and I felt as if I was forcing the relationships between the characters. Well long story short, after my little retreat the landscape became infinitely clearer. To top it off, I believe I have a solid “exit strategy” on how to work out the climax!


My advice to any writer/creator is to take a trip away from your normal surroundings. You’d be surprised how much it may help you



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