Conventions and Writing

Who's that handsome devil? (Hint: It's Me!)
Who’s that handsome devil? (Hint: It’s Me!)


A couple of weeks I had the opportunity to attend Wondercon 2014 in Anaheim, CA.  Though I wish that I would be among the many showcasing my talents and selling my wares, I went as a spectator. For the record, my badge was “professional” so I was a pro spectator.

Comic book conventions are always an odd beast. I attend because I am a fan of comics (and all the other stuff they feature like video games, movies, toys etc.) but it’s always the creative spark that gets ignited. When I returned home from San Diego Comic-Con in 2013, I knew two things 1) It’s even harder to break in and reach that “next level” as a writer than I thought and 2) I HAVE to break in and reach that “next level.”


You know, we creative types are gluttons for punishment.

Either way, I still go. It’s even more fuel to finish more projects such as #Book5, and my comic book ideas. Though on some days I  feel no one read my stuff, I have to stop making that an excuse for not putting the work in. Because I’m sure the writers at these conventions must feel the same way when they put their work out there. They do anyway, and they end up inspiring schlubs like myself.


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