Free Sample: Man At Work

Hey y’all, below is a poem that originally appeared in my Mass Transit collection. It’s called “Man at Work.” I’m sure we’ve all known a song and dance man at some point in our lives. Enjoy!

“Man At Work”

Song and dance man
Everybody’s clown
Working and performing
For carnival-goers of all ages

Song and dance man
Taking the Midnight Local
From Chattanooga to The French Quarter
His home is on his back
His family photographs in his wallet

Song and dance man
Entertain the children
Who are the hardest to by far
Play the song people strain to remember
Your costume is part of the show
Too bad it is worn beyond repair

Song and dance man
Most nights without rest
Living life by rail
From Kalamazoo to Biloxi
Selling joy in exchange for food

Song and dance man
A living legend around these parts
Until he dies
Just as easily forgotten.


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