My First Comic-Con

Hey everyone, Flobo here!

By the time this gets posted, the 2013 version of Comic-Con has already wrapped up and thinking of nefarious plans for its 2014 return. This year–after many years saying that I would–I finally made the trek down to the beautiful city of San Diego.

This post was originally going to be how the concept of being a “nerd” has gone mainstream and the whole process of such feels foreign to me. You know, I was of the last generation who got made fun of for being into comics, card games, and cult movies. (Sidenote: When Jonah Hill’s character in the “21 Jump Street” remake said he felt he was born in the wrong decade due to the nerd subculture being accepted, I could totally relate) However that draft came off a tad mean spirited. People watch a television show based on a book and they say things like “I’m such a nerd, tee hee” but I feel there’s more to being a nerd than that. Then again, if it’s gone mainstream maybe kids won’t get pushed around for checking out the latest issue of Spider-Man so I’ll take the posers if it leads to tolerance.

Where was I? Oh yes. Sure there were panels discussing the latest in television, movies, and of course comics, but this guy here was actually using the “convention” part of Comic-Con. You see, I went out of my way to go panels that directly related to my writing craft or anything that helped to build up my skill set. Whether it’s my body of work,or podcast that I co host, the trip was about taking my efforts to the next level. I took the time out to talk with other writers and creators to see what makes them tick. Sure getting to see an exclusive trailer or getting a limited edition pin can be cool, but networking is paramount, right?

Oh, and pictures!

Iron Man suit at Nerd HQ
Iron Man suit at Nerd HQ
Action Figures. I got me a Mattel Shazam figure myself!
Action Figures. I got me a Mattel Shazam/Captain Marvel figure myself!
Not one, but two Static (Shocks)
Not one, but two Static (Shocks)
Name this hero. Hint: Google/Bing "Milestone Comics"
Name this hero. Hint: Google/Bing “Milestone Comics”
Other Lanterns that way apparently
Other Lanterns that way apparently

I also bought and indie book entitled “Drawing The Dragon” by April Adams.  Gotta support the arts.


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