Free Sample: Golden Whale

Hey everyone!

Below is a poem entitled “Golden Whale” that was originally included in my first book, “By The Ounce And Other Tales.” It’s an entry about possibilities. Sound off below with what YOU thought of “Golden Whale.”

Golden Whale

There once was a man of the sea

His boat his chariot, his pole was his lance

He wanted to catch the elusive Golden Whale,

Though doing so was a game of chance

He would return to shore daily

With many other fish in tow

In his mind he had failed

For he yearned for his prize in gold

The man vowed never to quit

Patience after all was a virtue

To ever get the beast on his mantle

It would was the whale he had to subdue

The bait was thrown from the ship

Out into the depths once again

The rod became hard to handle

Something had caught the other end

With a cry he lifted his prize

Out of the deep blue sea

A mermaid was on the end of the line

As beautiful as she could be

The man could not believe his eyes

To his friends onshore, he knew he could gloat

It was not the whale that was in his mind

Dejected, he threw her off the boat.

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