Free Sample: Set Sail

Hey everyone, Flobo here!

This edition of “free sample” brings us to one of my all-time favorite poems that I’ve written. I would say that I  “love them all” but no one likes a braggart. (Okay, sometimes they do.)

In any event, this entry is entitled “Set Sail” and it was included in my collection “By The Ounce And Other Tales“. I hope you enjoy it.

Set Sail

There’s no honor among the thieves

But there’s definitely a leader

A man as salty as the water

Who is not easily defeated

Not all pirates start that way

They’re just like you and I

The life and times of men at sea

Sailing until they die

The captain and his band of mates

Of The Royal Navy

Wish when they board their ship

That they’ll return home safely

The majestic ship has a job

To make it to the harbor

An island in the Caribbean

It can’t be that much farther

Until the dreaded day they meet

Sure enough the start of war

Cannonballs fly through the air

Half a day away from shore

The ship’s cargo will never reach

Its intended destination

A group of ruthless men

Share their wealth with great elation

And truth be told its been said

The life at sea is the hardest

But what about those who depend

On the cargo at the harbor?

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