Quotes That I Live By

Hey-Hey Everybody!

I was watching a video recently on the Interwebs that asked people about their favorite quotes. I always found this particular question odd, not because of the idea of having a favorite quote but rather understanding the intent of the person asking the question to begin with. Would someone judge you by your favorite quote, or were they just cruising for words of wisdom for themselves?

In any event, below is actually a few of the quotes I’ve saved on a file on my computer (because you know, I do things like that). As you will see, some of the quotes don’t have recorded authors, but I value them all the same. Without any further ado….

“There is a reason why the short line is short.”

“Never Turn Down Airtime.”

“Be the Chess Player, not the Chess piece”

“Never take food off of somebody’s plate.”

“America is the land of opportunity, not promises.”

“Don’t marry someone you love, but someone that loves you.”

“The first eight weeks are the hardest.”

“If it ain’t livin’, it’s dying.”

“It’s not your fault, but it’s your problem.” — Paul Seydor, A.C.E.

“When you hit the sweet spot, you’ll know it.”

“I hate writing, I love having written.” — Dorothy Parker

“Youth is flexibility and flexibility is youth.”

“Never leave the house with flip-flops on.”

“Love= Admiration + Respect. Different levels of admiration and respect, different levels of love.”

Life Lesson: Confidence is rock. Modesty is gold.

“All sinister emotions are nothing but the descendants of frustration.”

“We’re not selling out; I’m buying in.” – Morgan Spurlock

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2 Replies to “Quotes That I Live By”

  1. I guess with some quotes you can grasp what was the important aspect, but generally you never get that background info of why it’s relevant.

    With some people I find a favourite, or often used quote serves to bolster their intellectual standing, like verbal jousting. And it can be pretentious as hell, just depends.

    A favourite of mine is “if i’m not back in five minutes…just wait longer” (Jim Carrey) – it just sums up the sometimes stupid way we say things perfectly and is rational yet inconclusive at the same time.

    I’ve got a ‘leave your favourite book’ blog post if you’d like to drop by and share a good read.

    1. Good point.

      I think nowaday people cling to quotes a bit too much, however sometimes it’s a good thing when people succinctly sum up what you’re feeling.

      And Cool!

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