Free Sample: Paradise, Nevada

Hey everybody, Flobo here.

It’s time for another free sample posting. This is where I post something that has been published in one of my books absolutely free for your enjoyment. Today’s entry comes from my book, “By The Ounce And Other Tales” and it’s called “Paradise, Nevada.

As the title suggests, “Paradise, Nevada” is actually a ode to Las Vegas, in which the majority of the Las Vegas strip lies in the unincorporated town of Paradise. It’s an obscure fact, but a fact just the same. I had fun merging the expectations people have when coming to Las Vegas and the reality. Either way, it’s a fun read and I hope you enjoy it.

Always bet on black

Paradise, Nevada

Welcome to the desert

An oasis of people and lights

Where red and black can together make green.

The warm breeze does nothing to cool

and shade is few and far between

People from every town imaginable

and folks from every creed

Try their hand at visiting the home to hundred degree heat

To be momentarily a makeshift celebrity

In the original City of Sin

Sleep doesn’t exist here and why should it?

The sun might as well be another light show

From hotel windows you could look down onto the street

to see the constant streams of people

A parade of individuals with likewise individual dreams.

Though fate and luck are cruel mistresses

this does nothing to stop the brave

For those who do make it here

momentarily their old lives are left behind

A new one is born, stays and lives here.


Thanks for reading!

Always bet on black

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