Why This Blog Exists

Hey everybody Flobo here!

As you may have figured out, this version of my website Flobito.com, has been live for a couple of weeks now. As I plan on filling these new digs with cool content that talks about writing, filmmaking, and pop culture, I hope you stick around and watch how this site grows in time.Mass Transit

A little bit of a primer: I’ve been blogging for about ten years now. In fact, you can check out my LiveJournal by clicking the link at this top of the page or  HERE . In 2009, I decided to launch Flobito.com (named after one of my half-dozen nicknames) as a place where I can have one online platform to combine and display my literary works, short films, personal appearances, and Youtube videos. While the original site was OK, their web-shell was very limiting in what I wanted to do. (Sometimes lines of code would just be mysteriously ignored by the client, don’t get me started). So I packed my bags and moved over here.

Now, I can list my video projects, writing samples, and news and information with ease. For the foreseeable future, my personal blog (about my day to day stuff) is going to stay on the LiveJournal site (for legacy’s sake). However, everything else, including updates on my new writing projects, discussions about the craft, movie and book/ebook reviews, interviews and their ilk will be right here on Flobito.com

Being a writer (and running two blogs) will be a bit of a challenge content-wise, but I’m committed to making it work.

In the meantime, if you are liking what you are seeing, tell a friend. Sure, I hope one day they you guys would eventually purchase a book written by yours truly, but sometimes it’s equally if not more important  to know that people are reading SOMETHING you wrote, regardless of the type of work.

“Like a dog without a bone or an actor out alone, riders on the storm.” -The Doors


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