Bridal Showcase @TheProudBird

#DJFlobito is on the case!


Your Host of the 2018 Hollywood Art and Movie Awards


A night to remember

Such an amazing opportunity to host and MC the fastest rising art and culture celebration, the Hollywood Art and Movie Awards! 2018 is starting off right

The End of The Road

I can’t imagine that I’ve been blogging for over a decade. (when I went for it and bought the domain) was supposed to be a showcase of my talents of a video editor while blogging about my Southern California exploits in detail.

Like how I evolved, so has the site. It was revamped into an author’s blog, coinciding with my book releases, and it pretty much stayed that way until this year.

With my site now streamlining back to being about the services I offer, there really wasn’t a place for a blog in the traditional sense. An though I’ve amassed a relatively small following with each post, I still feel odd letting that part of the site go.

In any event, thank you so much for checking out my home on the web over the past couple of years. The best is yet  to come


Greatly appreciated




You Ever Have a Weekend That Was Epic? #Instagram

I did a couple of weeks ago. I did some personal development, some professional development, and got some new experiences in the mix. Check it out.

Throwback to #Halloween 2017 #Instagram

Time to ride, cowboy!

Mr. DJ #MassTransit

Hey y’all. Today’s post is another poem from the book Mass Transit. So interesting, because I wrote this one six years before I became an actual event DJ! Check it out and buy Mass Transit on Amazon!

Mr. DJ


Spin. Scratch. Mix

Make their songs your own

You sit atop the nightclub

A king on his throne



Scribble. Crab. Slide

Your hand caresses the deck

Bring it back. Push it forward

We dance to the beat. A groove for every step


You are king of the night

A vampire scratching on his coffin

Presiding over the dance floor

Once a week if not more often


Drink up. Drink up.

This round is for you.

Whatever keeps you spinning

On the ones and twos