Family Reunions Are Something Else

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A Mobile DJ’s life is being mobile…

Hmm, that seemed more profound in my head. While “mobile DJ” seems to be interchangeable with “Wedding DJ,” folks in my line of work know we bring the party that’s needed to your location.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of heading to Palm Springs to perform a family reunion. Family reunions are the balance between “Weddings” and “private parties” in terms of prep. It’s like a private party in that there’s more time and focusing on the dancing over say the traditional moments that a wedding has, but it’s like a wedding where you’re setting a vibe throughout the night before you drop the first beat. It was refreshing to have this one on my calendar, and the McGowan family said they loved everything!

Also, it’s totally cool to see family members from all over come together and be merry. For a second, you feel like that long lost cousin who’s found your tribe! ^_^

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