The Time I Got To Interview Terry Crews

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Terry Crews is a role model. Point blank, nuff said. Not only did he literally write the book on Manhood, he’s seen as an upstanding leader in the community.

And I got to interview him.

But allow me to step back a bit.

If you been following my content over the past couple of years, you know I’m a fan of the video game Rocket League. Sometimes, I commentate “or shoutcast” over matches for that game’s community. Well when The Boys and Girls Club of Hollywood wanted to do an esports outreach fundraiser, they wanted to get one of their biggest supporters in Terry Crews involved. A production studio I consistently work with was running the event and since I 1) was in the Los Angeles area and 2) a POC in the community who was really familiar with the game, I got the call to host.

Not only that, I got to run the post game interview like I was Crofty from Formula One. The result, was one for the ages:

It was surreal seeing so many aspects of my life (hosting, video games, podcasting) converge but it was so cool to be a part of it. big shout out to Videon Studios and the Boys and Girls Club of Hollywood in making this happen!

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