Hey everyone!

The world is a stage they say. It is something I wholeheartedly believe as a live entertainer. However, what do you do when the stage changes? Well, to paraphrase from a Disney film, you “go where the people are!”

Truthfully, I’ve had Twitch for a while. I had hastily made an account a couple years ago to interact with a streamer friend. However, I’ve been leaning into my own content more during the quarantine. So as of now, not only do my talk shows, (Wassup Flobo? After Hours, WWE NXT Draped in Gold, and others) appear, but it’s also the spot where I try my hand at gaming with comedy commentary.

People have told me I should do live mixes on the platform…Hmm, should I?

It me

Anyway, if you got a moment, check me out if you have the chance!

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