Out and About in SoCal This Weekend

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Flobo here!

Even though I’m making my way in the live entertainment space, (You know, comedy DJing, MCing, hosting… all of that) sometimes it’s fun to get out and about around the town. I had a rare weekend off, so I was able to get myself out an about in SoCal.

Friday night I attended the 2019 Edition of IndieCade. If you don’t know what that is, it’s an expo/competition/celebration of independent games and the communities that support it. It’s a really cool event, and I was so glad I got the invite via my affiliation with the Los Angeles Twitch community.

You didn’t know I had a Twitch? Check it out

Saturday night, I went to my first Ontario Reign game. They are the minor league affiliate for the Los Angeles Kings and there’s a lot of similarities between the both teams. I had a blast, though the Reign got a pretty decisive defeat. It was Day of the Dead night, so I got a pretty cool jersey for my troubles.

All in all a great weekend!

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