My First Show as the NEW Lead RAW Aftershow host on AfterBuzzTV!

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Hey! Flobo here!

Though I’ve been at AfterbuzzTV for about a year, one of most favorite shows I get to be a part of is the Monday Night Raw Aftershow. I love wrestling, and I love hosting so this was the perfect blend. I’ve been fortunate enough to be with a team that’s been pretty consistent over the past eight months and that totally has seeped into our chemistry.

Last night (9.16.19) I did my first show as permanent host. It’s an honor for sure, and now more than ever, I understand why succession is so important for “institution” shows like The Tonight Show or The Daily Show. The powers that be are taking a “risk” on you, and you have the task of making the show your own. Well, it’s too early to get philosophical about it, but I can say I had a lot of fun!

Want to see the whole show? Check it out!

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