In 2019,  I’ve made the decision to run for the Business Associate office of the Palms (Los Angeles) Neighborhood Council.


After living in Palms for the past six years, I’ve seen it grow and evolve. Today the neighborhood is a much safer place to raise a family, or in my case, walk the streets late at night after a gig. While it’s a marvelous place to live, there’s still more we can do.

This is especially true for our businesses.

Flobo 1

We have an opportunity to really push Palms to the forefront as a place for commerce, both physical and digital; enterprise or startup; big and small. As an owner of both a live entertainment business as well as a product-based company in the area, I offer a unique perspective that will be beneficial to the people and businesses of Palms, Los Angeles.




Developing a channel for small businesses to connect with each other to promote and complement each company’s needs

A place for business owners to connect to share their ideas with others

A platform for information about business ownership and management that’s written in clear, concise (e.g. “plain”) language for easier comprehension.


Palms!  Let’s work together to make it an even better place to live, play and work!


Support the cause with YOUR DONATION

Polling Information

Date and Time: Sunday June 2, 2019 10AM-4PM

Location: IMAN Cultural Center

3376 Motor Avenue,

Los Angeles, CA 90034

For more info:

Donor Info: GoFundMe

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