Flobo Boyce

RIP “Journey”

Hey everyone!


You know what word I (seemingly suddenly) can’t stand? Journey.


No, not like the Dodge Journey. A capable, if flawed, sport utility vehicle.


Aww yeah, Americana on four wheels.


No, I mean the word journey as it has somehow become the operative word in someone’s share of a next milestone in their life. As seen in,

“My Homebuying Journey.”

“My Weight Loss Journey”

“My Rocketship Building Journey”



Why am I so adverse to the word, you may ask. As someone who’s had his own weight loss story to tell, it would seem from an outsider that I’m being dang hypocritical. The problem with the word journey is that makes everything linear but inadvertently gives everyone an indefinite timetable. It’s the worst of both world between making concrete actionable goals, and changing behaviors for an improvement of a lifestyle. In other words, it becomes more of a hobby than anything else.

For me, I’m staying clear from “Journeys” for a while. (Though as a marketer, I come across buyer journeys all the time. Go figure).

What do you think? Sound off in the comments below!

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