’17 Version of “The Summertime Blues”


Source: Pexels


Hey everyone!

Flobo here!

I hope life is treating you well. The summer of 2017 has been both challenging and exhilarating. Why? I think it’s the perfect balance of “OMG I’m doing stuff!” and “OMG, I can’t believe I’m NOT doing stuff.” It’s funny how that works.

On one hand, I’m tackling brand new projects and absorbing the lessons of life and business that comes with them, but on the other hand, older endeavors feel like they’re slipping away.

For me, I’m learning how to be a merchant of a product based business, I’m upping my marketing strategy game, and I’m finally working to put long term financial goals in place. On the other, I haven’t done as many comedy gigs, I haven’t practiced the motorcycle in months, and I behind in plotting my next novel.
Frustrating doesn’t begin to describe it.

Though, I would say any other person in my position I’ve studied has told me to ‘slow down and enjoy the journey.’ While I know that’s the CORRECT attitude to have, it hardly seems like the RIGHT one. Just thought I’d share that with you. No, not me knee deep in first world problems talking about how hard it is to juggle creative endeavors, but rather sharing that it is ALWAYS going to be a balancing act. It’s okay to neglect a faster spinning plate if you see one wobbling on the other side.

Keep at it, fam.


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