Workin’ on Somethin’ #Knew


Hey everyone!

I debating writing this blog entry.

You see, I’m launching a new product-based brand this summer. It’s going to be a different approach to creative writing instruments and tools. I’ve mentioned it before on my podcast.


Long story short: I’m exciting to be taking on a “knew” adventure for a brand. I’m also incredibly nervous that I’ll be sitting on a warehouse filled of unsold stock.


I think I would be a hypocrite, if I didn’t go out that very same comfort zone I’ve mentioned in my past work. You know, ol’ Flobo is tellin’ y’all to “break out of your comfort zone” and I’m cowering in the corner. That ain’t right.

I want to keep that brand separate from what I’m doing, (so basically you won’t hear much about it from me after it launches). The reason for that is twofold: 1) It’s important to me as a brand manager to see if I can launch a successful brand from scratch and 2) I really want to target people outside of my network. In other words, I want people to buy the products because they are cool, not because it’s something my good friend Flobo is working on.

Not relying on your social network? So long, comfort zone.

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