Some Podcasts I’m Listening To

IHey everyone!

You by now, you know that I host a podcast called #26Stone. If you didn’t, learn more. Anyway, it’s not all about me (most times). Here’s a list of a few podcasts I’m listening to right now.

I’ve worked with Taylor on a few comedy shows. Truthfully, she reminds me so much of the “New Yawk” I missed when I moved out west. Give it a listen.

Crimetown was a saving grace when I working in a dead in office job. Equal parts compelling, funny, tragic, and plain inspiring, “Crimetwon” is about Providence Rhode Island, but it could be about just about anywhere.

I mentioned this on a recent episode of 26Stone, but the podcast “mini series” from the creators of Serial and This American Life was so well made. The story fills out like a novel, with an underlying mystery, colorful characters, and an ending that provides the bittersweet closure a good book provides.


And who can forget “True Wrestling Fables“? Of which, I’m a#FableStable member!


What podcasts are you listening to? Sound off below!




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