Summertime 2017

Summer is here and there’s a lot on my mind.

So many things.


The thing about those many this is, they’re all distractions.


You know, everyone’s got dreams and they have goals. You know, things that we would like to do if the world was our oyster and the ones we have committed a timetable  to ensuring success. The thing is, there’s a whole bunch of things that invade our space that are neither goals nor dreams but they dominate our thinking.

“Money is tight. How am I going to afford…”

“I haven’t had the time to work on my craft…”

“OMG. Why am I going to this family reunion?’

I don’t know why, but I feel as if I put a tremendous pressure on myself to solve everything in the summer. Maybe because we equate with with vacations or downtime, but being able to “handle that thing” is more than appealing.

I still think its possible, but we have to be appreciative of even the smallest steps we make in progress. Don’t discount real life but when it comes to following your passion, don’t get the Summertime Blues.




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