Flobo 4 Prez!



Man, it’s tough being an regular American Joe these days!

I was recording a future episode of my podcast, 26 Stone when the topic of politics came. Namely, up until recently, I would say with gusto that I didn’t get involved in such things. For the most part it was true. The issues then were the same issues that were around from before I was born. No one was going to change their minds and so I focused on my day to day. Ignorance was bliss and political apathy was the way of life.

That sort of thing has changed.

Now, people are more into the causes that are important to them than ever. Folks will spend hours researching a company’s board of trustees and their political beliefs so they can project that onto a company (i.e. Boycott X, Inc. because the CEO supported Y). The whole thing is bananas. The word boycott, which at some point used to be a tactic groups did to incite change, is becoming ‘something to do.’

As someone who works in marketing, the whole thing is pretty scary. What’s to stop someone to dig up an old out-of-context tweet and use it against me as “proof” I support a controversial cause? Gone are the days when people did that to individuals in the public eye running for public office. Almost anyone can get caught with that brand of “journalism” at a moment’s notice.


It’s like we’re all running for president.


So what’s an Internet citizen to do? Well, for one you could make a conscious effort to not share political beliefs wholesale. If you do decide to engage in an issue, be as courteous and respectful as you can. I can say that politics aren’t my thing personally, but I’m sure that’s not true for everyone.


Remember, be mindful of the brands you manage, support and assist in any way.




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