Image Credit: NoAdventure.com


Hey hey, everyone!


You know, I like to spill a lot of ink (use a lot of keystrokes?) on following dreams. I’ve got dreams, you’ve got dreams. That’s all par for the course right? We all know that to achieve whatever it is you want to do, you have to go for it.


It seems easier said than done.


I mean, if you’re on a cargo plane that’s going to crash, and you’re suited up with a parachute, you know what you have to do. Jump out of that plane to safety right? What if you jump and that parachute fails?



But you KNOW that staying on that plane is bad news as well. The decision is unnerving but ultimately, you have to make that move!


So, write it down! Allow yourself to daydream about that thing that makes you happy! Go on, you deserve it! Nobody’s ever seized the day from a cubicle.


A couch maybe (so don’t knock yourself if you’re currently between gigs). Whatever it is, make the move!



You can do it. JUMP!

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