2017 So Far

“So far. So Good.”

End of blog, see you later!




Just kidding of course… But now that we’re over a month and a half into (an admittedly slow moving year) I’d like to take time to think about how I’m doing with my yearly goals.


As I’ve mentioned before, I like to keep a running list of things I’d like to accomplish before the end of the year. A sort of “yearly Bucket List.” To me, they have been way more effective than resolutions. Any way here’s a couple.

  1. Develop a Thursday strategy for this blog.

I’ll call this one done. Via launching 26Stone into a weekly podcast and the ongoing Legacy Project, I think Thursdays are going to be hopping for a while.

2. See Seinfeld Live

Not as likely, as Seinfeld’s schedule and mine doesn’t seem to be lining up the way I would like. I’m still holding out hope however.

3. Perform Comedy in a New State

Nothing is planned as of now… But I have high hopes for Chicago (Illinois) and South Florida this year. I’ll even do the Vegas area if need be! If you want to book me, CLICK HERE.

4. 5 Running Medals

Getting back into the running groove, I gave myself the challenge of scoring 5 more pieces of hardware for my collection. I performed the LA New Year’s Race so my goal has been knocked down to four!


I’m sure there’s a crap load other goals, but you get the idea. It’s always good to keep yourself accountable. It’s the only way you can keep yourself on track to hit your goals!



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