Don’t Call It A Comeback

What’s going on, everybody?

If you’ve been following my exploits for the past decade, you’ll notice that comedy has been my most recent (and most intense obsession). When I had that near death experience in late 2013, I realized that everyone on this planet is on borrowed time and that is the motivation you need to go out there and accomplish your dreams.

So what the heck happened to me?

You see, after a year that led to brand new comedy heights for me, I kind of…tapered off.


The shows slowed up, the joke writing slowed down… and I just got slow. For a second there, I thought i was falling out of love with the “sport” of comedy. I wasn’t motivated to go to 6 open mics a week, or all of the things we comedians do to “pay our dues.”

Towards the end of the year, I saw some info on a relatively new comedy festival, the Glendale Laughs Comedy Festival. Presented by Comic Cure, it looked like a festival that helped out local charities. Long story short, it looked cool, I threw in $10 to apply and lo and behold I was accepted!


The night leading up the show, I was worried that I had gotten too rusty. That maybe, I didn’t “deserve” to be in the festival. Self doubt, he is NOT my friend. Though, the night of the festival, something really awesome happened…

No, I didn’t kill. In fact, my performance of three minutes was pretty quick. What did happen was the feeling of familiarity. I was shaking off the rust, but 1) isn’t wasn’t as bad as I thought and 2) I quickly got into a groove. It felt like I had come home, sort of heading home after a semester away of college.


  • Meeting one of my comedy heroes, Tone Bell


Not to wax poetic, but maybe my love of comedy is a bit deeper than I had originally thought. I got the warm fuzzies y’all, and I found myself more inspired than ever before. It’s funny how that works.


It truly is.



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