Holiday Time

From Andy Dorsett Illustration

Hey everyone.


The weather is getting cooler and we’re headed into one of the scariest times of the year. No, not Halloween (though there’s that too). I’m talking about “the holidays.” Now, I’m not some Ebenezer Scrooge who just so happens to hate the most festive time of the year (my distaste for Thanksgiving notwithstanding), but I don’t like what the holidays does to productivity.


We’ve talked about this before, but there comes an arbitrary day in the year where most folks are just happy to push things off to next year. You’ll hear “We’ll just handle that after the holidays,” or my personal fave “We were going to do that thing but then the holidays and everything came along and…”

I hate it. I really do. I could understand if the thing you are working on required equipment that was sold at a store that was physically closed for a month and a half out of the year, but that is a rare situation.

Why am I on this soapbox? Well, fall is coming hard and fast and I have plenty of projects that need to be squared away. And you know what? I caught myself writing something down in my journal.


I caught myself moving these projects to 2017. You know, after the holidays! ARGH!

There’s one piece of advice I learned that can be applied to the gym, your workday and your personal endeavors: Finish strong.


Even if you don’t finish everything on your list, make a game of the things you can finish until the clock strikes midnight on this year and we are ushered into the next. Don’t write it off. Keep pushing.



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