Straight Outta Shape


Hello world!

So those of you that have been following my exploits, you’ll know two things about me: 1) I’m a comedian and 2) I don’t consider myself an artist or scientist of the craft, but rather an athlete of comedy.

For a period when I started comedy up until a month ago, I performed pretty regularly. Sometimes it was once a week, and other times it seemed like every night I was hitting the stage. I was rolling. The experience helped me to become a better comic and performances fueled getting booked for other performances.

But then something stopped.

I’m not talking about a hard stop, mind you. It wasn’t like I had an abrupt injury or something that took me out of going on stage. If that were the case, at least I could rationalize that into an eagerness to get back in the game. No, I realized that over the period of a couple of weeks, “real life” got in the way. By real life I mean:

  1. I got a new job.
  2. Started ramping up my comic book efforts with “Legacy” coming soon.
  3. My mobile DJ job started coming firing up as well.

When I had realized what was going on, it had been three weeks since I had performed comedy on stage. Okay, so I know what you’re thinking: Three weeks? That’s it? Cry me a river, guy. But you see that’s the point:

If comedy is something I wanted to pursue, if I truly believed it to be my passion, then it should happen no matter what’s going on in “real life.” Comedy should always be part of my “real life.” I realize that this all sounds dramatic as I type this out, but I still believed it. The fact three weeks went by and I didn’t even notice the time, really disturbed me. I mean I remembered to eat, do laundry, gas up the car, call home, and take out the trash but I “forgot” about my craft? When I decided to frantically do a couple of open mics back to back to get myself in a new groove I did not perform as well as I had liked: I had become out of shape.


This is the part where I try to tie a post up into a need action item for you to consider with your own projects, but truthfully I have nothing here. Here’s what I can do: I can get back into the routine of doing more open mics and try to put writing back in my routine. It is going to be “mechanical” for a while. That is, I may not feel like writing or performing but I am going to keep doing. Hopefully, it’ll become more natural.


I’ll establish a new routine. I will get into shape.


Hey! Hey! Hey!

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