Six Jobs And Counting

It's fun to stay at the...Navy...because I'm a Macho Man!
It’s fun to stay at the…Navy…because I’m a Macho Man!

The call it “The 1099 Life.”

People nowadays are doing everything…anything… they can to keep homelessness at bay. Blame it on the recession and the fact saved wealth can disappear at any time. Or you can blame businesses who are all lining up to reconfigure their businesses as a “startup mentality” (i.e. running it as cheaply as possible). But there’s just not that many people who do one thing and only one thing.

Over the summer I decided to focus more on my dreams of being an established professional entertainer. I made the rather tough mental decision to say “If I want to be a comic, it has to come first and other things have to fit around that.” While someday I hope that comedy is my “only” gig, I have my hand in a bunch of things to make ends me. The list changes almost every day:

  1. Comedian
  2. Freelance Copywriter
  3. Master of Ceremonies/DJ
  4. Delivery Driver
  5. Freelance Social Media/Brand Manager
  6. Comedy Show Producer/Promoter

And I’m sure I’m forgetting some of the more existential jobs like “son,” “brother,” and “boyfriend.”

I guess I’m happier in that the jobs I do have rarely stress me out. That is, save for a bomb on stage or a late delivery that cuts into my tip, I can leave work at work. While I’m all for improvements in mental health, it does feel a little catch-as-catch-can when rent is due. It’s a lonely feeling, even though I’m sure there’s millions more out there like me that have four side hustles trying to combine like Voltron to make one living.

But hey, that’s how you follow your dreams and stuff, right?

In the meantime,

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