I Respect You (Comedy) Booker Man!

What’s that they say about “happy accidents?”

By the time you read this, I’ll be preparing for my first ever comedy show as a producer. That is, I’ll be “hosting” a comedy show while working to “book” comedians for a reoccurring event. Trust me, it’s a lot more interesting than it sounds.

To be honest, I kind of fell into the whole thing. I’ve been only doing comedy for about 9 months, when I learned there was a small venue in town that was subleasing time for a comedy show. While the idea was interesting enough, I know I couldn’t host my own show. Why? Well, I haven’t done it before and as everybody knows, not knowing how to do something is a good enough reason to not try, right?


You laugh, but we’ve all done it.


Well, after being convinced to at least giving  it a shot, I had just about four weeks to try to build a whole show from scratch. There was names, themes, talents formats to find and develop. Asking comedians to appear on a show that didn’t previously exist was a challenge, but admittedly it was a challenge that was a lot more enjoyable than trying to tie down groups of friends to see me live on those so-called “bringer” shows. Not knocking bringers–in fact they are a rite of comedic passage– but you can burn out your friends pretty quick, especially if you’ve recently relocated to a new town (or don’t come up with new material often). Anyway:

Tickets please!
Tickets please!

Coming to you live monthly from Hollywood, CA, RINGSIDE COMEDY is shaping up to a crazy event. The jury is out on whether that means  crazy “good” or crazy “bad.” Either way, I’m hoping for Ringside Comedy to be a place for first time comics to get in front of a live crowd and for established comics to get more time than they would at a normal Yuk-shack. You know, working on the “sweet science” of comedy like a boxing gym. See what I did there? You see?!


It’s like a theme, yo!

If you’re interested in performing (and live in the Los Angeles area, drop me a line!)



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