SILVERSTREEK Lives At Free Comic Con Day

It’s one to create, but is yet another to sign your name to it. I get why companies say things like “signature” or “namesake flagship.” Your name carries weight.


I was so very happy when SILVERSTREEK was published. I felt like that Dad who is seeing  his son play little league for the first time. It’s a pretty proud moment. My local comic book shop, The Comic Bug , was having a “Free Comic Con” the same day as the comic industry-wide “Free Comic Book Day.” Long story short, it was a celebration of comic-book creatives that came together to offer giveaways and unique experiences on a day designed to appeal to new fans.

It was a genius idea.

And it was an event I’ll never forget.

There was a moment where a small family purchased my book and gave me a “thumbs up” for creating the character. It was  an awesome gesture and I knew right then that I was on to something. As for what, time will tell but for the first time, SILVERSTREEK wasn’t just an “idea I had knocking around in my head.”  Time will tell if there will be more adventures of that book, or if there will be others at all, but for just a moment on that day I was a comic convention veteran.

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