It’s Spring!

That’s right, it’s spring! You know what that means:


Taxes, spring cleaning, and putting away winter clothes in such a way you can still find them if it gets cold on an odd day.

Of course that doesn’t compare to jumping in rain puddles, sniffing new flowers, and fresh air doesn’t it?


It’s funny how the passage of time changes our perception on things. When I was younger, I couldn’t wait for spring. I had this aversion to overcoats, as they  made me feel as if I was the Michelin Man:

But even here he seems more mobile!
But even here he seems more mobile!

So when the temperature got warmer, it was all about showing off that new shirt you’ve had buried in your closet, waiting for its moment. While New Year’s Eve and Day were about renewal especially for people, the springtime was about nature’s own changeover. Not to wax poetic, but it’s fascinating to see the Earth go about its business in a cyclical fashion. The circle of life and all that.

And I’ll spare you my “Lion King” inspired vocals.

Since moving out to Southern California, the divisions between seasons have gotten a little hazy. Sure the “springtime” means more overcast mornings, but with the exception of January, you could argue that there’s just one big season out here. I don’t mind, it kind of plays to my fantasy about my life out here being an extended scene from a movie. And you know, unless the weather is central to the plot, it’s always 75 degrees and sunny in a movie.

I’m planning on not letting this spring go to waste. As you may already know, I keep two bucket lists on my computer: One for life (or the “overall” Bucket List) and one for the year (i.e. Things to do in 2014). I think it’s the perfect time to handle some of the yearly bucket list items. Hmm, where am I going to find a jetpack? 😉


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