#Book5 Update

Hey everyone!


My goal to have have my fifth book done (and by “done” I meant ideally on sale, but will settle for a first draft) is moving a little slower than usual. My second novel, the one I’ve spent months pecking at, has become the longest writing experience of my life.

I’m not sure how I feel about that.


Not to compare styles, but I think my writing method was more like legendary Bond author, Ian Flemming. Flemming would rise after sunup (usually from his Caribbean estate in Jamaica) and write. After a meal and some hours spent birdwatching, he would continue to write in the late afternoon to sundown. Each Bond novel took him about six weeks to actually write after planning.

My first novel was a NaNoWriMo entry, so I basically had no choice than to write multiple times a day. My second novel, (which eventually got tossed out) took me a little longer, but still could have been measured in weeks, not months.


#Book5, as I’ve come to call it on Twitter, is hitting upon it’s sixth month in production and there truly is no ending in sight. Sure, it isn’t a race and other authors like George R.R. Martin are notorious for taking their time, but I still wish I can make that buggy move a little faster.

If you say so Internet Meme graphic that tries to inspire...
If you say so Internet Meme graphic that tries to inspire…


I find that picture funny because sometimes I feel like no one reads my stuff anyway *rimshot*

But the point of this update is to let you know, and by extension hold myself accountable, that #Book5 WILL be completed at some point. I don’t want to make it my “Chinese Democracy” or “Detox”. Ten points if you get those references.


Anyway back to procrastinating…er…writing!







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