The Dead Of Winter

Whattup peoples!


If you’re like me, you’ve probably had your fill of Valentine’s Day candy by now. For that, I say don’t worry, there’s plenty of more holidays and their related candies where that come from. While stores are stocking shelves for Easter (or St. Patty’s Day) there is a bit of a lull on the “celebrating holidays” front.

What we have instead is the dead of winter. Sounds ominous, huh?

Growing up in a city that had that had true winters (as opposed this spring day stuff Southern California calls “winter”), the dead of winter was no joke. In fact, I used to liken winter to a out of town relative that overstayed their welcome. When December rolls around we all love winter. Winter Wonderland this, and White Christmas that. Then after New Year’s Day, we start to wonder how long this cold weather thing is going to last. By the time we make it to February, we all long for vacations to places that flirt with the equator.

Not that kind of "flirt," silly
Not that kind of “flirt,” silly

The thing about being inundated with the cold for so long is that you stay indoors all the time. It doesn’t sound so great if you tend to suffer from cabin fever, but this could be the right time to work on a project or two that would have pushed to the backburner otherwise. Got that 3,000 piece jigsaw puzzle that your grandma gave you for the holidays? Set it up! Got that Great American Novel idea? Write it down! Always been meaning to create an original cocktail? By Jove, it’s high time you did it!

Well whatever the reason, it beats going outside. Especially if mother nature is doing one of those horizontal sleet, freezing rain type of numbers. I mean seriously, what is that?


So take the reigns this dead of winter. I hope you do great things

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