Cutting Room Floor: The Heat

Hey y’all!

Sometimes I shelve projects when I don’t feel they are where I want them to be. I usually come back to it in some form, but I have been known to cast away a project or two.

This is a poem I created for my “Mass Transit” collection called “The Heat.” It didn’t make the final cut (but so many great poems did!) so I posted it here.


“The Heat”

The race is on

Some call it pressure, others the game

For when the sun goes down

There can only be one


Millions of eyes

All looking forward

The events of the day

Fade from memory


The lights caresses the skin

It’s warm, unforgiving

A trial with no judge

But millions on the jury


A lifelong dream

Being front and center

The word on the lips

Or the lash of the tongue.




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